An exotic blend of East meets West, B.C. Street, based in part on actual events drawn from recent history, is a romantic tale of a young Marine's first love during a time when the U.S. military exercised governance in the Far East.

During the 1960s, young U.S. Marine Timothy Cole discovers love with Kimiko, a beautiful Okinawan nightclub hostess. Unexpectedly, his overseas adventure spirals into moral conflict and tragedy when his values clash with the demands of patriotism and loyalty to his country.

B.C. Street is an adventurous military romp set against the backdrop of errant U.S. foreign policy and diplomatic arrogance compounded by the unbridled behavior of a few undisciplined GIs. Not since Michner's Sayonara and Lederer and Burdick's The Ugly American has an American novel been so cloaked in the ineptitude of U.S. foriegn policy and the highhandedness of U.S. military occupation.
  "Veterans like Dr. Cooper deserve to be heard. His story is heartfelt, relevent and timely."

                   -Dennis Christen, actor, writer,
                    producer, author of Madam, the
                    Grass is High and Lundon's
                    Bridge and the Three Keys

"B.C. Street captures the essence of military occupation from a realistic point of view and in a very human way."

                 -Robert Avery, producer and director,
                  RAFilms at Silk Dragon Productions,
                  Why Okinawa: Messages from the
E. A. Cooper served on Okinawa in the 1960s. His combat duty followed in Vietnam with the Third Marine Division. He studied journalism and earned his doctorate in adult education at the University of Georgia. Cooper currently serves as dean of evening administration with Albany Technical College in Albany, Georgia.